Minor Sting Parent Video

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

Minor Sting Parent Video
Video Audio

Montage of very quick shots of beer and bar signs, billboards, magazine ads, shots of people holding alcoholic beverages.


 Opening montage continues

Quick and unidentifiable shots of stores and bars, possibly also officers on a scene.

NARRATION: We live in a world filled with messages, images and peer pressure to drink alcohol.  Every year, many underage Texans give in to that temptation, sometimes with deadly consequences.  To make matters worse, normally law-abiding businesses sometimes turn a blind eye to the legal drinking age. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is committed to stopping stores and bars from selling alcohol to minors using undercover sting operations.

Joel Moreno/TABC Enforcement Chief

"This is one of the most effective ways of keeping alcoholic beverages away from minors.  It's also a good way to gauge voluntary compliance."


(music transition)

Montage of various shots from store and bar scenes

NARRATION:  Welcome to the TABC's Parental Information Video for minor sting operations.

These are undercover operations which identify retail establishments that sell alcohol to minors.

In this video we will show you how minor sting operations work and how agents ensure that they're conducted safely.


18 or younger
Valid ID
No alcohol offenses

NARRATION: To participate in our minor sting operations your son or daughter must be 18 years old or younger, have a valid ID or driver's license and they must not have been convicted of any alcohol-related offenses.

GX: Meeting with Minor's Parents


Garcia goes to let parents and minors into office.

"Thank you.  I really appreciate you guys for coming."

Shots of meeting

Shots of paperwork

NARRATION:  These two students have decided they want to help stop underage drinking, but before they can take part in Garcia's stings their parents must meet with Garcia.  It's preferable that the minors are present as well.  This gives Garcia an opportunity to explain to them what to expect.  If the parents are on board they're asked to fill out the Parent Authorization form and the minors complete the Minor Information Sheet.

Garcia to Parents

"Ya'll should know that we could have them out pretty late.  We'll let ya'll know if the schedule changes."

Parent responds

"Oh he'll like that."

Garcia to Parents

"And just so ya'll know your kids will be safe with us.  They will have two undercover agents and two open agents with them at all times."

Parent responds

"Oh, that's good to know.  Thank you."

GX: Preparing for the Sting



"camera clicks"

Shot of officer taking photos


Garcia hands over file to Supervisor

"Here you go sir.  Here's the minors we're gonna use for the sting this weekend."

Meeting with supervisor

NARRATION:  Now, Garcia has to get final approval from his supervisor.

Supervisor to Garcia

"Looks good.  Good luck.  Be safe out there."

Meeting with Billy

NARRATION:  Before leaving the office, Agent Garcia makes sure everyone, especially Billy, knows the plan and what they're expected to do, especially if something goes wrong.

Officer talking to Billy

"Just follow instructions and we shouldn't have any problems at all."

Billy Responds


Shots from undercover camera

NARRATION:  Billy is wired for the operation, literally.  Agent Garcia puts a hidden camera and microphone on Billy that can record what happens during the sting.

Garcia to Billy

"Ready to go?."

GX:  Minor Sting Operation:

Convenience Store or Liquor Store


Going out to car

"natural sound"

shots from inside police

NARRATION: Tonight, Agent Garcia's partner will be Agent Terri Smith, an eight-year veteran who is no stranger to sting operations.  Garcia and Smith will stay close to Billy at all times, even in the car.  Two more agents in a separate vehicle will serve as the Identification team.

Shots from inside car

"Sound from inside car."

Shots of parked car

Shot of ID team's car

NARRATION:  Once they arrive at the first location, the agents make sure to not park directly in front where store clerks can spot them.

The Identification Team parks close enough to be able to see what's going on inside the store, but far enough away so they are not seen.

Agents and Billy sitting in car

NARRATION:  Before they go inside, the agents make sure Billy is ready.

Smith to Billy

"If you ever feel like you're in trouble just walk okay?"

Officer prepares recording device

NARRATION: Next, they're going to make sure the minor documents the scene on tape, which is important for the case file.

 Minor recording audio

"I'm Billy Lawrence. I'm 17 years old.  We're at the Speedy Mart…"

Garcia to Billy

"Okay, good."

Shot of Officer Garcia already in store and browsing on an

NARRATION:  For this operation, Garcia enters the store first. He'll find a spot where he can survey everything.

Billy walks in with officer Smith behind him.  Smith browses near the counter

NARRATION: Now it's Billy's turn with Agent Smith close behind. She arranges to be close enough to the counter to witness the transaction.

Various shots of store scene before Billy approaches counter

NARRATION: Agents will tell your son or daughter beforehand what type of alcohol to buy, give them enough money to buy it and train them on what might happen when they try to make a purchase. Here are some examples of what they can expect.

Billy places beer on counter

"(sound of beer plopped on counter)"

Clerk to Billy

"Man, are you old enough to buy that?"

Shots of faces, and perhaps hidden camera shot

NARRATION:  By procedure, the agents have already told Billy he can deny that he's taking part in a sting operation, but for everything else, he has to tell the truth.

Billy responds

"No, I'm seventeen."

Clerk to Billy

"Then perhaps I can interest you in a cold bottle of milk."

Billy responds and turns to walk out

"No thanks"

Minor walks out.

Clerk shakes head in disgust and sets beer aside.

Officer Smith walks up to counter and buys candy

NARRATION:  Billy didn't get the beer, but he and the agents maintain their cover so the clerk won't call other businesses in the area and let them know undercover agents might pay them a visit.

Minor walks out.

Clerk shakes head in disgust and sets beer aside.

Officer Smith walks up to counter and buys candy

NARRATION:  Billy didn't get the beer, but he and the agents maintain their cover so the clerk won't call other businesses in the area and let them know undercover agents might pay them a visit.

Smith to Clerk

"Man, can you believe kids these days, he looks like a baby."


NARRATION:  Billy didn't get the beer, but the agents maintain their cover, so the clerk won't call other businesses in the area and let them know undercover agents might pay them a visit.

Scene starts up again

NARRATION:  Now let's try it again. This time let's see how our agents react when things don't go so smoothly.

tight shot of minor grabbing beer from case from behind case.

Places beer on counter

(sound of grabbing beer and walking up to counter.)

Clerk to Billy

"I'm gonna need to see some ID please."

Billy pulls out wallet, takes out ID and hands to clerk who inspects.

NARRATION:  Billy has been instructed to present his ID whenever he's asked for it.

Clerk to Billy

"Billy Lawrence.  I thought that was you.  Man we go to church together.  I can't believe you're trying to buy beer."

Billy stares blankly at the clerk…


Smith interrupts and badges up

"Actually he's with us.  We're with TABC and we're conducting a minor sting today.  So, we really appreciate you checking ID's and not selling to minors."

Clerk responds

"Thank you ma'am."

Smith to Clerk

"So, we'll just grab his ID and we'll be out of here."

Clerk to Billy

"I'll take this."

Shots to Billy

"Let's go."

Billy and Smith leave store

NARRATION: Agent Smith did the right thing here preventing any damage to Billy's reputation.  Agents will try to use your teenager away from where they live and areas they frequent.

Chief Moreno (this is a different bite from the training script)

"For example, their school area or where they socialize.  This is so they won't be recognized during the minor stings."

Close-up shot of Billy removing beer from cooler again and then heading toward counter.  He also grabs chips.

NARRATION: Here's a result we see far too often during minor stings.

Clerk to Billy

Billy places beer on counter

"That'll be eight seventy-five."

Billy to Clerk


Billy reaches in pocket, grabs money and hands to clerk

(natural sound)

Clerk begins bagging

"Here's your change. So what you got going on tonight man a little party?"

Billy to Clerk

"It's Friday, the weekend , you know how it is."

Clerk to Billy

Hands over bag to Billy

"Alright.  You have a great day man.  Enjoy."

We see shot of undercover team talking to identification team on car radio

Identification team goes into store

NARRATION:  Once the undercover team is back in the car, they pass along all the details of the transaction to agents on the identification team.

GX:  Minor Sting Operation: Bar or Restaurant

((Music Transition))

 We see photos of Carina flashing on screen

(sound of photo clicks)

Photo session with Carina

Bar room wide shot

Officer Smith at a table

Officer Garcia at bar

NARRATION:  Now let's turn our attention to what the same sting operation looks like in a bar or restaurant. This time it's Carina's turn.  Agent Smith is already in place watching the scene from a table and Agent Garcia is seated at the bar so he can witness the transaction.

Carina walks toward bar


NARRATION: Here comes Carina.

The agents have briefed her on what to do once inside and even what she'll order from the bartender.

Medium shot of bartender.  Addresses Carina

"Hi. What can I get you?

Carina addresses bartender

"I'll have a Lone Star Light."

Bartender Addresses Carina

"Ah, a Texas beer.  You got some Texas ID on you?"

Carina pulls out ID and hands to bartender

Bartender looks at ID

Cutaway of Smith watching

NARRATION: Agents have also made sure Carina has a valid ID. In this case it's her driver's license.  Again, you're your son or daughter is asked for ID on a sting, they will always present a valid ID with their correct age.

Bartender to Carina

"How old are you?"

Carina to bartender


Minor's face

NARRATION: And, if a server asks them their age, they will be required to tell the truth.

Bartender to Carina. Bartender holds on to license.

"I'm sorry hon', you're not old enough to drink and I'm gonna have to hold onto this."

Carina turns and leaves bar

Bartender puts ID away

NARRATION:  The agents have told Carina if a bartender takes her license, they'll get it back for her.

Shot of bartender wiping down bar as Carina walks up.

NARRATION: Now, let's see what happens when Carina orders from a bartender with a bad temper.

Bartender to Carina

"What can I get ya?"

Carina to Bartender

"I'll have a Bud Light."

Bartender to Carina

"ID please?"

Carina takes out ID and hands to bartender.  Cutaways of Garcia and Smith watching

NARRATION: Watch how quickly Agents Garcia and Smith step in when things get out of hand.

Bartender looks at ID


Bartender moving toward Carina

"You trying to get me fired?… Stay right there."

Garcia moves in to block bartender from reaching Carina.  Smith sends Carina out of bar and joins Garcia  Both show their badges

"Hold on, TABC. She's with us.  Just calm down. Just calm down for me."

Smith and Garcia continue to calm down bartender

Chief Moreno (this is a different bite)

"When undercover officers recognize that the minor's safety is in jeopardy, They need to break cover and come assist the minor."

Rewind Scene…

(sound of rewinding)

Bar shots

Carina approaches bar

NARRATION:  Finally, watch what happens when Carina is able to purchase alcohol in the bar.

Bartender to Carina

"Hi. What can I get yah?"

Carina to Bartender

"I'll have a Shiner Block."

Bartender to Carina looking confused?

"Shiner Bock you mean?"

Carina to Bartender


Garcia and Carina glance awkwardly at each other while the female bartender reaches for her beer under the counter.


Bartender to Carina

"Three bucks!"

Carina takes money and pays bartender


Carina walks away from bar toward the door

NARRATION:  Watch what Carina does now…

Carina sets beer down on table and walks out of bar


Continue Carina walking out

Beer on Table

NARRATION: These agents did good work training Carina – she knows if she's able to make a purchase, she needs to leave the drink in the bar.

ID team enters bar and addresses bartender

Montage of shots from scenes

NARRATION:  With another successful purchase it's once again time for the identification team to take over.

So, that gives you an idea of what happens during our minor sting operations.  Usually things go according to plan, but the main thing is, agents will be there to protect your teenager at all times.

video of drunk driving accident scene

NARRATION:  If you do choose to allow your son or daughter to assist us with these operations, you'll be helping us prevent underage drinking which is responsible for many accidents and many deaths every year in Texas.

Chief Moreno

More shots from scenes

"If a minor participates in a minor sting, the minor will have a sense of accomplishment and will also feel that he's helping the community and the law enforcement and he can be sure that his safety will always be our priority."


NARRATOR:  Thanks for watching and thanks again for helping the TABC enforce the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.


(Music fades out)