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Information for Seller Training Schools

Training Together Newsletter

Training Together is the newsletter for all seller/server training schools/programs. It contains information about the TABC Seller Training Section, changes in the laws, and general topics of interest to the schools/programs.

New Trainers

Related rule - §50.25 Seller Server Trainer Certificate.

If you are interested in becoming a trainer, please contact our Seller Training Section at (512) 206-3420 or You must be affiliated with a school/program to become a trainer.

  1. Completed Trainer application ST-402
  2. Check for $100.00 application fee.

The TABC trainer course must be completed on the Texas eLearning website.

A criminal history background check on all trainers will be performed prior to approval.

New Schools

To open a TABC Seller Server Training school, you must apply for a new school/program and also apply to be a trainer. Upon approval, TABC will provide the school with course training materials. The application fee for a new school/program is $1,000 and the trainer's fee is $100. A criminal history background check on each individual owner and each individual share holder partner, officer, director and manager will be performed prior to approval.

TABC-licensed retailers who wish to open an in-house seller training school must train at least 150-200 employees a year in order to qualify.

Related Rules

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