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Working With Different File Types

TABC publishes most of our information on web pages written in html. In some cases our files must be accessed with other applications.

In most cases the software is free to install.

File readers

Following is a list of software that you will need to view the different file types. Note these links are to resources outside of the TABC web site.

Compressed and zipped files

The following link will take you to various companies that sell or provide freeware/shareware versions of uncompression utilities. Any file downloaded with a .zip extension will require a decompression utility. We are unable to provide technical assistance on how to use these programs, but there are several good books and web sites that provide such information. Checkout the INFO-ZIP home page for more information.

Below is a list of links to some of the most popular compression/decompression utilities.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission does not endorse or support any of these products in any way.