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Marketing Practices FAQ

The Alcoholic Beverage Code mandates that the three tiers of the alcoholic beverage industry (manufacturers/wholesalers/retailers) should operate independently of each other. This is one of the key principals that govern all of TABC's rules and all of our conduct as an agency.

Marketing practices relate to the relationship between members of upper tiers (manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors) and the retail tier in ways that influence business practices. When a member of the upper tier provides unfair or unlawful services, benefits and gifts to a retailer in order to obtain a better position in the marketplace, it can be referred to as unfair competition or unlawful trade practices. Gifts, services and benefits are examples of areas that are regulated in marketing practices.

TABC receives and answers questions related to marketing practices every day. Some of the frequently asked questions are included on this website. They are divided into topics to make it easier to find specific information.

For additional information on these or other topics, review TABC's Marketing Practices Advisories.

If you have other marketing practice questions that are not addressed on our website, please contact or call the Marketing Practices Supervisor at 512-206-3411.