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Welcome to the TABC online help pages. These pages are intended to provide you with efficient and effective solutions for a variety of frequently asked questions. These resources were created by the TABC staff to provide you with instructions on some of the more involved aspects of the TABC.

  1. Who can I contact for more answers?

    If after all this, you are still having difficulties finding an answer to your problem or some part of the website just doesn't make sense to you, please let us know. You can ask questions directly by sending an e-mail to

    Please include an e-mail address and phone number in the text of your e-mail to ensure that you receive a response.

  2. What is an FAQ?

    The term FAQ is an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions. In most cases, FAQ is a document that contains the most commonly asked questions about a given subject or theme. FAQ files are widely used on the Internet, and the majority of the questions we answer are presented in FAQ documents in this help section.