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Special Events

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Enforcement Agents often help other local and state law enforcement agencies by working special events. Public safety activities include assisting in general law enforcement duties during festivals, sporting events, and entertainment venues such as Mardi Gras, Austin City Limits Music Festival and college football games. Enforcement Agents’ efforts at these events are focused on, but not limited to, the public safety issues of sale of alcoholic beverages to minors, consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages by minors, intoxication issues, prohibited hours violations, narcotics use and or distribution on licensed premises and breaches of the peace (fights, stabbings, shootings) on licensed premises.

Holidays and Holiday Weekends

Holidays are the busiest times of the year for Enforcement Agents. These dates include New Years Eve, Halloween, Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July weekend, and Labor Day weekend. Enforcement activities range from assisting local agencies with general law enforcement duties to other public safety issues. Enforcement Agents are also tasked with looking for violations of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, more specifically public safety issues that involve minors in possession or consumption of alcohol beverages. Minor Stings are also conducted during the holidays to ensure that retailers are not selling to minors.

Operation Safe Lakes and Rivers

During holiday weekends, Enforcement Agents often team up with Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens to patrol Texas waterways. Many Enforcement Agents are also certified as Marine Safety Enforcement Officers and are empowered to enforce violations of the Marine Safety Act along with Alcoholic Beverage Code and Penal Code violations. This two-pronged public safety effort allows for the enforcement of boating and alcohol-related laws, ensuring that boaters, tubers and others can have a safe and enjoyable time on Texas’ waterways during the holidays.

Spring Break

Every year, Enforcement Agents are sent to the resort areas of the Texas Coast that see a large influx of college and high school students on leave for spring break. Crystal beach, Galveston, Port Aransas, and South Padre Island are the most popular destinations for students on their midterm break. While on duty, Enforcement Agents look for violations of the Alcoholic Beverage Code, Penal Code and assist local law enforcement agencies with public safety issues.

A Corridor Sting is also conducted every year that coincides with the migration of students to the Texas Coast. This is a series of Minor Sting Operations that are conducted along the I-10, IH-35, IH-37 and I-45 Corridors from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, through San Antonio to Houston, Galveston and Corpus Christi. Retailers who sell to minors during the operation face criminal and administrative charges.

Fairs, Festivals and Large Venues

Texas has many events around the state all year round, including county fairs, music festivals, sporting events, and other celebrations. A vast majority of these events include the sale and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages and draw young people who are not of drinking age. Enforcement Agents work to prevent minors from consuming alcoholic beverages and adults from consuming excessive (dangerous) amounts of alcoholic beverages. Enforcement Agents also assist the local authorities with crowd control and other public safety issues as needed to ensure that the participants have an enjoyable time.

Catastrophe Deployment

Enforcement Agents can be called upon to assist with the recovery efforts from natural and man-made catastrophes. Their duties can include security detail, working checkpoints, and patrol duties. Past deployments have included assisting with the Columbia Space Shuttle tragedy, and supporting local agencies in areas affected by hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and other natural disasters.