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Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

Contact Us - Headquarters

By E-Mail

Please include an e-mail address and phone number in the text of your e-mail to ensure that you receive a response.
For reporting a breach of peace.
For reporting violations of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code and Rule.
For general inquiries about credit law or for wholesalers to report Notices of Default or Notices of Payment.
For educational information on preventing underage drinking.
For questions about who is required to file monthly excise reports or taxes on alcoholic beverages.
For information about job opportunities with the TABC.
For questions regarding label approval registration in Texas.
For questions regarding licenses or permits.
For questions about laws regulating the marketing of alcoholic beverages (i.e., advertising, promotions) and marketing relationships in the industry.
For open records requests regarding TABC.
To report complaints against TABC employees regarding allegations of illegal acts and/or employee misconduct.
For questions about the personal importation of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes from Mexico into Texas.
For general inquiries or comments and questions about the TABC.
For questions regarding programs dealing with the training of employees in the laws of selling and/or serving of alcoholic beverages.
For computer related problems or comments about the TABC website.

To e-mail an individual at the TABC: first name.last (e.g., to e-mail John Smith, address your e-mail to:

By Mail:

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
PO Box 13127
Austin, Texas 78711

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
5806 Mesa Dr
Austin, Texas 78731

By Telephone or Fax:

TABC Telephone Numbers
Office Voice Fax
Main Switchboard 512-206-3333  
Complaint Line 888-843-8222
TDD 512-206-3270  
Executive 512-206-3221 512-206-3203
Enforcement 512-206-3400 512-206-3449
Audit & Investigations 512-206-3300 512-206-3349
Education and Prevention 512-206-3420 512-206-3316
Excise Tax 512-206-3342 512-206-3321
Fiscal Services 512-206-3225 512-206-3248
General Services 512-206-3254 512-206-3274
Grants 512-206-3420 512-206-3316
Human Resources 512-206-3220 512-206-3350
Information Technology Resources 512-206-3450 512-206-3281
Legal 512-206-3490 512-206-3498
Licensing 512-206-3360 512-206-3399
Marketing Practices 512-206-3411 512-206-3349
Office of Professional
    Responsibility (Internal Affairs)
512-206-3405 512-206-3207
Open Records 512-206-3223 512-206-3226
Ports of Entry 512-206-3351 512-206-3449
Seller Training 512-206-3420 512-206-3316