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Comments, Compliments, Complaints

Help Us Get it Right

TABC recognizes the importance of customer feedback and welcomes comments, compliments and complaints about its services. TABC is committed to using the information it receives to help continually improve our agency. Please forward your comments by e-mail to

Kudos – Just a few of the nice things said about TABC employees.

Citizen Complaint Procedure

Thank you for taking the time to inform us of a situation that you believe deserves our attention. We encourage both positive and negative citizen feedback to assist us in our goal of providing the best service possible to the citizens of Texas.

TABC created the Office of Professional Responsibility (Internal Affairs) to thoroughly, objectively and expeditiously review and investigate all complaints against TABC personnel regarding allegations of illegal acts and/or employee misconduct.

Visit the Office of Professional Responsibility page to learn more about how to file a complaint against a TABC employee.

What if I want to Compliment an Employee

When you have the occasion to see a TABC employee doing an outstanding job, we would like to hear from you. All compliments received are added to our Kudos page and forwarded to the employee and the employee's supervisor.

Please forward your compliments by e-mail to Include as much information about the employee as possible (e.g., name, location of service, etc.).

If you prefer to address your compliment in writing, send it to TABC Headquarters at:

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Executive Office
PO Box 13127
Austin, TX 78711
You may also call 512-206-3333.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is committed to providing the highest level of services to our citizens and stakeholders. Thank you for recognizing the efforts of a TABC employee.